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Doctor Who’s Quinquagenary → Regeneration

"Cardinal Rassilon has been researching a method of regenerating diseased and decaying tissue. Via a series of permanently carried self-replicating biogenic molecules, the cells of a Gallifreyan body can be repaired, restored, and reorganized. This will result in a whole new physical form. The brain cells will similarly be rearranged, although to a lesser degree, thus ensuring the new incarnation will replicate the memories and personality of the former incarnation. Cardinal Rassilon intends for this method to only be used upon the Gallifreyan elite. He has also inputed a parameter of twelve regenerative cycles to avoid decaying biogenic molecules." - The Recorder, Zagreus

"I can still die. If I’m killed before regeneration, then I’m dead. Even then, even if I change, it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away… and I’m dead.” - Tenth Doctor, The End of Time

From all the regenerations I’ve seen, 10th’s was the saddest because he said nothing but yet you could feel how unhappy he was to change and there was nothing left to be said ‘cause we all knew it.
11th’s wasn’t that touching(to me at least) but his words were beautiful, maybe the most beautiful goodbye line on the show.

The saddest regeneration of all is the fifth doctor’s, if you know anything about the old series. Adric was a companion that he inherited from the fourth doctor, a brilliant mathematical genius boy from another universe called E-Space. He died trying to steer an out of control freighter away from Earth. Five hallucinates him before he regenerates. He was the first companion that ever died on the Doctor and he never, ever forgave himself. There’s a moment where Ten relives the death in one of the comics and it is still fresh and painful.

Adric was the first moment that the doctor ever hated himself.

ADRIC! :’(

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“Yes—yes—a boy.” said Lupin again, who seemed dazed by his own happiness.He strode around the table and hugged Harry; the scene in the basement of Grimmauld Place might never have happened.“You’ll be godfather?” he said as he released Harry. “M-me?” stammered Harry. “You, yes, of course—Dora quite agrees, no one better—”. “I—yeah—blimey—”. Harry felt overwhelmed, astonished, delighted.”

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That’s it. That’s what I want when I go to the theatre, when I’m in a play, is them, and that experience that I get from them. I admire the musicianship, I admire the soul that goes into it, and the execution and the work, the preparation. Everything is done right, I think, and done with good intention and soul and heart and good spirit. They are a lesson to us all.
Matt Smith, on Radiohead

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